Central Committees

The 15 members of the Central Committee selected among the FREDA members and approved at the 14th General Assembly held on 31st  July 2016 are:

1 U Than Nwai Retired Deputy Director General, Forest Department
2 U Sein Thet Retired Director, Forest Department
3 U Sann Lwin Retired Deputy Director General,  Planning and Statistics Department, Ministry of Forestry
4 U Myint Aung Retired Director, Dry Zone Greening Department
5 U Tin Ohn Retired Deputy General Manager, Myanmar Timber Enterprise
6 U Soe Maw Executive Director, Lucky Star International Ltd.
7 Dr.Maung Maung Than Mangrove Specialist.
8 U Tin Latt Retired Deputy Director General , Dry Zone Greening Department
9 U Win Kyi Retired Rector, University of Forestry
10 U Htun Paw Oo Retired Director, Forest Department
11 Daw Khin Lay Swe Retired pro-rector, University of Agriculture, Researcher
12 Daw Tin Tin Ohn Retired Assistant Director, Forest Department